Want a Quick, Healthy Snack Idea? Use Canned Sardines to Make a Salad

Sardines are surprisingly healthy. Its brain food! They are filled with omega-3 fatty acid, vitamin B-12, calcium, protein, and selenium.

Hi Everyone! Thanks for stopping by. On Sunday, I made a very simple, healthy, and delicious snack from sardines. It turned out really well and took me all but five minutes. As a teenager, canned sardines was one of my favorite ‘go to’ snacks. I would eat it with bread, crackers, or even rice. Fresh sardines I usually fry and then make an escoveitch sauce using vinegar, carrots, onions, bell peppers and habanero peppers and pour over it. My kids really enjoy it this way and it is a frequent request.

However, today I was pressed for time because I woke up really late (almost midday) to begin with and had to take my daughter to work. I was also trying to make dinner before taking the kids to the park to ride their bikes after taking my daughter to work. I did not want cook after coming back from the park and I knew we would be there longer than planned and there is always one kid who wants to take that last lap around the park after we announce that it is time to leave. So, as I suggested a few snack ideas for the kids, they turned them all down and today was not the day to cook lunch. I then scanned through my pantry and saw the cans of sardines; I thought this will be easy enough.

I only had one of the canned sardines in spring water and one in soya bean oil. I usually buy the sardine in spring water however, the grocery store was out and the latter was given to as a substitute. I was ok with that even though I would have preferred the sardines in olive oil.

I quickly drained and rinsed the sardines and discarded all the stuff inside. I threw the sardines in a small bowl with some mayonnaise, grated onions (my second daughter will not eat the onions, she will literally sit and search for every piece, no matter how small it is, and take it out), then I added salt and pepper to taste. I sliced a few Roma tomatoes and plated it with crackers on a bed of green leaf lettuce and that’s it! Snack time taken care of!

By this time, my daughter was waiting for me to take her to work so I had to leave before eating. When I got back the bowl was just about empty but I did get to enjoy some of it. The only thing I added was some homemade hot sauce which made the taste even better. I only wished I had some avocados to go with it but I will definitely add it next time. I am also thinking of using the sardines in a lettuce wrap or for stuffed avocados.

What are your thoughts? Let me know in the comments box.

See you next time!

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